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For ALL your waterproofing solutions.

At Lagos Waste Waterproofing we strive to deliver the quickest and most effective waste waterproofing systems tailored to suit any unique situation arising. Lagos Waste Waterproofing are Brisbanes wet area waterproofing specialists and can have your tiler starting the very next day. With over 400 different waterproofing products available to Lagos Waste Waterproofing there isn't any water ingress we can't stop.

We can offer a professional application to all your wet areas, balconies, podiums, water features, retaining walls, garden beds, rising damp and vinyl chip flooring. Depending on the structure and substrate this will determine the required membrane system and subsequent charges to supply and install in accordance to manufacturers specifications.

Call Lagos Waste Waterproofing today to get that basement leak repaired and take back that dingy room. All projects carried out are to Australian Standard and the Building Code of Australia .

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garden bed waterproofing

Lagos Waste Waterproofing can cater for all your waterproofing solutions. We carry hebal for building hobs and aluminium angle for the doorways and frameless showers as a waterstop, we also supply and install puddle flanges to Australian standard providing either square or round metal grates to complement your new bathroom. We have solutions for screeded tile floors and for straight stick down tiling. The membranes used have acoustic dampening qualities which is beneficial with multi storey dwellings.

We can repair leaking basement walls and floors with a hydro-static two pack epoxy waterproofing membrane which is designed as an internal coating to prevent moisture penetration from outside. Ponds and pools are our specialty as these are a final finish look that is aesthetic and appealing.

Epoxy floor coatings to industrial sheds that require forklift traffic can be applied with minimal site disruption. Trafficable non slip membranes and non slip epoxy coatings to kitchen areas, evacuation areas and guide ways. Commercial shops and warehouse floors where a dust free environment is required.

Lagos Waste Waterproofing prefer the use of a seamless liquid membrane system over the use of a sheet membrane which can at a later date delaminate at the seams, and thereby cause leaking. Prevention rather than rectification is our policy.