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Waterproofing Balconies

These are a crucial area that is quite often overlooked by builders. They figure that the roof will stop the water but they don't factor in the elements from above. Quite often the tile grout will crack away from the tile during the settling in period, compromising the integral seal the tile and grout once formed. Therefore relying on the waterproofing under the tile bed to contain the water.

This is where the correct membrane and the application of the membrane system needs to be installed by a professional licensed applicator in accordance to the manufacturers specifications. Depending on the site situation will determine the system required to achieve maximum results.

We can cater for all your solutions you need to waterproof your balcony, whether you choose to have a straight stick down system or a bedded system installed. Puddle flanges are installed on all floor wastes with a metal square or round grate supplied (chrome).

The systems Lagos Waste Waterproofing use and implement exceed general building movement and are installed to all Australian standards with Waste Water SolutionsWaste Water SolutionsWaste Water Solutions. Quite often rectification work may need to be achieved to provide sufficient fall on the substrate prior to the installation of the waterproofing membrane.


If water becomes trapped between the waterproofing and the tiles, stagnant water forms and becomes very smelly. Once again the right product for the right job needs to be chosen.

waterproofintg balconies