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Garden beds

Although some manufacturers claim an acrylic membrane is quite suitable as a garden bed membrane I myself would prefer something more durable and something with some tensile strength to withstand the growth of the roots of the plants.

Quite often this is where the membrane generally fails due to root growth and the roots compromising the membrane. This generally allows water to pass into the premises and start to destroy your valuable asset. Damp timber is also a disaster as this will lead to attracting termites. It's a well known fact is that termites love damp soft timber.

Once again the cost of getting this done right the first time is a cheaper alternative. Garden beds need to have the membrane protected with (6mm core flute) prior to any drainage installed. All penetrations for irrigation or lighting or drainage need to be done prior to waterproofing with a plastic conduit installed through all penetrations for drainage and lighting.

Garden beds can be done in black, hawthorne green and grey. Garden beds done to date are Flynn st Apartments Brisbane, The Emporium Fortitude Valley, Riparian Plaza Brisbane. Inn ON The Park Toowong, Mark Perrimann landscapes Pty Ltd, River city Apartments Brisbane, Casino towers Brisbane.

waterproof garden beds