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Pool Coatings Repairs

On occasions where concrete pools form leaks, we can repair and waterproof the leaks. These include concrete crack injection, grinding back existing membranes to suitable substrates. Any cracks or voids that may be found will be repaired.

Depending on where the crack is situated, it will reflect on how much the pool will need to be drained. Sometimes on occasion the pool may need to be completely emptied to achieve a desired repair, however it is not recommended due to the possibility of the pool being forced up out of the ground by decompression of the soil underneath the structure.


An average size pool roughly contains 70,000 litres which equates to 70 tonnes of pressure being forced below the structure into the ground. For every action there is a reaction, and taking away the forces the pool had on the ground may allow movement of the structure.

Pool repairs are classed as remedial work and carry only a 12 month guarantee on workmanship and product.