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Rising damp

Rising damp sometimes can be a serious issue, it is moisture escaping through the slab into the atmosphere, as atmospheric conditions play a role in this phenomenon. These can have serious impacts on peoples health as mould spores can grow in this environment.

Rising damp can be attributed to faster deteriation of the materials within a structure. Rising damp has also been known to attract termites, once the rising damp has reached the timber structure within the dwelling or commercial property as damp timber attracts termite activity.

mouldy rising damp

It can become evident once soluable salts that have leached through brickwork or retaining walls deposit themselves on the walls and dry out, become visible. These soluable salts absorb moisture from the atmosphere and appear to give a permanent damp feeling to the wall.

rising damp repairThe signs of rising damp are easy to see, the discolouration of wall skirtings, bubbling and delamination of wallpaper, constant dampness and rotting of timber mouldings and framework.

rising damp mouldy wall