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Vinyl Chip Floors

Vinyl chip floors are the ideal solution for a dust free environment. These are great for use in garages and commerical applications as oil will not penetrate the surface and is easily cleaned with a wipe over with a rag.

These can be applied with a non-slip rating of R9-R11 Australian standards with Waste Water SolutionsWaste Water SolutionsWaste Water Solutions for non-slip floors. Making them an ideal solution for factories, food preparation areas, mechanical workshops and garages.

Vinyl chip flooring is very durable and becoming more common, often lasting longer than the structure it has been put in. These can be installed as a waterproofing solution using a two pack hydro-epoxy, making this a positive side (the negative side is the underside) waterproofing barrier with a useable finish.

These come in various colours to suit your liking. And we have access to a new product that looks even more superb, also cutting down applicators time from 4 days down to 2 days.

vinyl chip floors