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Company Policy

Lagos Waste Waterproofing make it Company Policy to provide the best job satisfaction and the best solution possible for a complete waterproofing solution to any building structure.

We are proud of our professionalism and the way we conduct our work. Our work speaks for our professionalism and the pride we take in the application of waterproofing with any membrane or epoxies.

The main bases of our clients are repeat customers who have been very satisfied with their waterproofing. Positive word of mouth is such a powerful tribute and a trait we seem to carry.

We stand by our duty of care we have to all subcontractors that work for us ensuring a safe work environment for all. We like to be punctual and ready with QA practices in place to ensure the job is completed with as little down time for the site as possible.

Lagos Waste Waterproofing pride themselves on choosing the use of a seamless liquid membrane over the use of a sheet membrane.

Eliminating any chance of delimitation at the seams like a sheet membrane does, and delaminates at the surface from the tension that the backfill creates. This does not happen with the use of a seamless liquid membranes ensuring total surface adhesion.

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