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Balcony renovation and waterproofing at Wynnum.
This balcony had been leaking since 1990. After a few failed attempts at stopping the leak the house had been sold to our client.
A recent project done out at Wynnum. This photo shows the newly applied waterproofing membrane.
The floor got a final clean to ensure no contaminants would be on it to prevent our application meeting manufacturers standards.
Changing the tiles and ordering spares for potential future damage was discussed. The entire floor was to be removed and we discovered some fibreglass and resin under the failing drain. Round posts had been replaced by square ones, and this left marks on the tiles. The waterproofing membrane was applied and went down seamlessly. This durable membrane will be effective for many years to come.
This floor had the grout removed at some stage, where a failed attempt at using a rigid polymer sealer to fill the voids between the tiles was done. The drain had been moved and ran out the side of the house with a frogmouth flap at the other end. The client chose to go with a square steel grate over the drain.
The round post had been removed and an unsightly ring left where the smaller square post took it’s place. Cleaned up with all rubbish and materials removed, the work had a final inspection.
After all the tiles were removed, we discovered that there was no membrane directly bonded to the floor except for the failed fibreglass and resin. Here you can see where we have prepared the floor ready to apply our membrane. As in most things the preparation is key to ensuring an effective quality finish. This beautiful and spacious balcony can now be enjoyed without concerns of areas underneath becoming damaged by water during heavy rain.
The floor had been cleaned of tiles and made uniform in preperation for the new membrane to be applied. The new tiled floor hides a now unseen waterproofing membrane is ready for daily trouble free use.

Roof repairs at Lysaght street, Acacia Ridge.
Roof anchor points needed to be checked before use.
Roof repairs done out at Lysaght St.
Lagos Waste Waterproofing have height safety certification for commercial applications.
roof repairs
Further use of tape with the membrane to create a seamless waterproof membrane.
A recent project done out at Lysaght street, where Lagos Waste Waterproofing repaired the roof of an industrial building. The waterproofing membrane was applied and went down seamlessly. This durable membrane will be effective for many years to come.
Safety equipment was used on this job, we take the safety of workers and those around the work area very seriously. ropes
High visibility clothing and fall arrest systems are used in accordance to work safety methods in compliance with codes of practice for Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. There were 3 small roof sections coming off the front of the building, these also needed water blasting and waterproofing.
Seams where penetrations came through the roof were reinforced with tape to assure a good seal. Upright wall now completely re-attached and waterproofed.
There was a long upright section covering a wall that needed to be reattached and protected with a tape reinforced membrane. Another view of the upright wall now completely re-attached and waterproofed.

Remedial work in basement at Kedron .
Water has wept through the bricks and concrete damaging the paintwork and look of the wall.
Water was leaking into this house's basement through the wall. There is a steep driveway down one side and backfill behind the back wall.
Basement waterproofing
We used a cementitious membrane for the front part of the room.
Further damage of the basement along where the sloping driveway runs alongside the wall. The cementitious membrane in the front of the room is suitable for rendering and or painting.
Correct preperation was needed to ensure a quality finish, like so many things it’s the work never seen that makes the difference for the longevity of a job well done. Basement waterproofing 9
Another picture of the preperation which was the most time consuming part of the job. The application of the cementitious membrane left a bagged look and texture.
The tiles had to be removed so enable a floor to wall application of membrane. Basement waterproofing 11
The back wall was coated with a non-paintable but also very durable polymer membrane. Basement waterproofing completed.

Remedial work in a basement at Algester.
The existing membrane on the outside has failed damaging the paintwork and carpet.
Water was leaking into this house's basement through the walls, damaging paint and staining the carpets.
Basement waterproofing
Another shot of the final finish, prior to plastering and painting.
More damage evidence. Partial section of the wall was removed to gain full access of the entire wall to properly waterproof it.
These are signs to look out for evidence of moisture penetration. Another angle of the finished wall.
As you can see this problem has existed for quite some time. This membrane is a two part cementitious epoxy.
The entire wall across where the previous membrane failed, is partially a retaining wall where it is back filled with dirt.
Finished wall completed with cementitious membrane, ready for painting.