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Waterproofing Roof Tops

With a leak on a concrete roof structure the water can travel any direction in the slab. It may follow a conduit or the reinforcement in the concrete. The first signs of damage may mean it has had a leak for quite some time as it takes time for the penetrating water to pergeulate through the slab an become apparent. Quite often the roof is depending on the thickness of the slab to contain the water but if movement occurs and cracks become evident the roof is bound to leak at some stage. Rooftop membranes like all things in life have a life span, therefore the body corporate needs to allow in there budget the upkeep and/or replacement during the buildings life span. Roof tops that are open to atmospheric conditions need to withstand these forces of nature with the use of the appropriate waterproofing membrane installed. We can supply and applicate a UV bouncing paint that reduces the heat contained in the slab to most colours available.