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Advanced Waterproofing Services

Our services are comprehensive within the waterproofing industry, with 14 years experience in all forms of commercial and domestic apllications.

We offer the waterproofing of all wet areas, balconies, garden beds, retaining walls, car parks, podiums, roof leak repairs, shower leak repairs, hobless showers, bathroom renovations, pool coatings, pool crack repairs, water features, ponds, window and door reveals, under spas and baths, confined space work, epoxy floors, remedial work, waterproofing repairs, expansion joints, water reservoirs, fish ponds, stand up panel joints.

Our services include floor preparation, membrane removal, caulking of bathrooms, polishing of concrete floors, vinyl chip floors, factory floors, tunnels, repairing of water tanks, lift wells, lift well repairs, plant rooms, roof tops, leaking gutters, leaking shop rooves and concrete crack repairs.

garden bed waterproofed