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Shower leak repairs

A shower leak becomes evident when you see wet looking plaster in the cupboard behind the shower or wet plaster outside the shower recess. Sometimes they are that bad that water damage occurs and becomes costly to the owner. When you see water dripping from the floor above you know there is a water leak in the shower or bath/shower. These problems can be eliminated quickly with minimal disruption to the occupant. Sometimes it is a sealant failure or tap fittings becoming lazy allowing water in behind the tap. It can also be caused by grout missing in the shower recess and the premises never waterproofed, waterproofing is only new legislation needed on a building, it is possible that the shower recess was ever waterproofed and lastly it is quite possible that the glue has let go and the shower is drummy when you tap it, only the grout pressure is holding the tiles in place. Quite often when it gets to this point the tiles may even dislodge off the wall. This would mean the tiles would need removal and be replaced.